International conference „Safe Transport Infrastructure“

Since 2006 AF-CITYPLAN Ltd. (formerly CityPlan spol. s.r.o.) has been annually organizing an international conference focused on raising the safety level of transport infrastructure and removing its critical parts which cause tragic traffic accidents. Since 2013 the conference is being co-organized by UAMK, major provider of assistent services for drivers, which is a long-term partner of the conference.

Safe Transport Infrastructure Safe Transport Infrastructure

The conference is defined and recognized by its characteristic logo and invariable slogan „Safe roads save lives“ which characterizes its main focus and content. The diversity of speakers representing different parts of the transport and safety sector and different views on the same problem enable to confront variety of ideas and mutual understanding of basic principles, tools and measures that could lead to major increase of road safety, often with relatively low costs.

Safe roads save lives!

The professional importance of the conference is supported by the fact that it is included in the programme of lifelong education of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians in Construction, and in the lifelong education programme of the Czech Chamber of Architects.

The conference is intended to all administrators of transport (in particular road) infrastructure as a presentations of means how to mitigate the risk of traffic accidents and their consequences by targeted care of road network. The event targets not only to the state and local administrations, but also to the integrated rascue systém, other experts and consultant companies dealing with transport, carriers, insurance companies and specialists which could contribute to raising road safety.

Around 150 visitors came to the conference every year, and the organizers hope that this tradition will prevail for the upcoming years, because the topic of road safety is becoming even more acute and problematic.

The webpage of the conference has been running since 2011 at Between 2006 and 2012 regular printed almanac of the conference was being published containing all abstracts and curricula vitae of the speakers. Since 2013 the almanac has been replaced by printed bulletin with the conference programme. The abstracts and CVs are now being published on the website. The conference participants are allowed to download all presentations from the webpage as well. Since 2011 regular press conference has been part of the programme, and it has been attended by reporters from public and private media every year.



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